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Free Download Now MULTI MEDIA 1506G 4MB POWERVU KEY NEW SOFTWARE ALL SATELLITE OK. As we know all the satellites in the sky are in their geostationary orbit about 35,000 km above the equator. Being in this orbit, each satellite in orbit around the planet with the angular velocity equal to the angular velocity of the Earth, and so it is always on the same point on the Earth’s surface, the plane of which coincides with the equatorial plane of the Earth and is characterized by one coordinate – East (East ) or west (West) longitude. The order of the well-known satellites and the coordinates are given in Table – Satellite List. All satellites have their name and location coordinates

StarSat -2000HD EXTREME NEW SOFTWARE (Download Now Updated)

1506F Receiver New Software Ten Sports Upgrade By USB

Step by Step Software Upgrade 
• Click the Download Link and Download This Software
• Software Copy On Memory Card And USB
• Memory Cart and USB In USB Port On Your Receiver
• You Can Go To Upgrading Menu
• Select USB Upgrade and Select User USB / Memory
• You Can Fine Software On USB/Memory Card On Your Receiver
• And Click The Upgrade
• You Software Automatically Upgrade 1% To 100% (Not receiver Not Switching Off Between Software Upgrading
• After software Upgrading, You Can
• You Receiver Automatic Restart
• You Can USB/Memory Out of Recevier USB Port
• Your Software Upgrade Successfully  Thanks