Call of Duty Mobile is Ready To release On October 1st

Call of Duty Mobile release date confirmed On October 1st. Prepare for running and firing a wide range of dial-up calls for your smartphone, as Activision just announced that the mobile phone call for service will arrive on Android and iOS on October 1st concurrently.

The huge popular first-person shooter game is free to play and is accessible in all Google Play Store and app stores supportive nations. The PC user can use Tencent Gaming buddy to Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC.

Call of Duty Mobile combines both Call of Duty components: Black Ops and Modern Warfare. You would like to go directly to Battle Royale, which supports up to 100 players in the enormous, completely fresh open map if you have liked Blak Ops 4’s Blackout mode.

There are game modes in modern warfare like Team Deathmatch, Free For All or Search and Destroy if you are more of a classical call of duty multiplayer fan.

A number of familiar maps including Crash, Crossfire, Hijacked and Nuketown, from Modern Warfare and Black Ops have also been included in the activity.

By ranking, you can unlock classic historical characters like Ghost, Soap and Alex Mason. The entire game is entirely free, but many individualizations are also accessible with in-game microtransactions.

Call of Duty Mobile is an excellent release for both old and new players looking to start the Battle Royale. The Call of Duty Mobile is a great place. Fans of mobile games who do not know the franchise will have a free chance to experiment as well.