Call of Duty Official Tencent Gaming Buddy Officially Released

Good news has finally come for Android game lovers but plays through the TGB emulator. Call of duty Mobile FPS game mix and match with the concept of Battle royale finally under the domain of the emulator. Actually this is not really good news, because from long ago CODM has been in beta at the TGB emulator when beta 1 2 and so on. Well on September 27 this time we got official information regarding the release of the official TGB codm version. From the test we did yesterday on CBT this game is really very suitable if it is run on TGB or game loop considering that it is still one roof with Pubg Mobile and supported or still held by Tencent games, it’s worth it and can expose codm to the maximum setting.

Back again to the discussion of the topic, Call of duty Official Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator, well it seems like if there is an official CODM later you are certain some servers will be split up why is that? Reflecting the PUBGM game and it is certain that many mobile users give comments to quickly separate these 2 servers. This is quite fair and it must be immediately embedded in the CODM feature when released later.

Now in addition to the official announcement that the CODM game will be released on October 1, in the TGB Market, there is also a reserve feature pinned for you to get ready for the release later or at least there is a notification that this game is available for the official version. See the image below for details on Reserve CODM TGB.

Means we fix it, CODM will be one of the contents on this website plus we will tear apart whether the beta version yesterday will be refined again, because it is a bit less interesting, like the TGB version, the graphics should be even crazier, but overall CODM is lighter than PUBGM the original. See the video below when we are testing the Unofficial TGB version.