Democrats Announce ‘Deep Fake’ Pelosi Video Investigation, What About MSM Editing Trump Videos?

In no great shocker, Adam Schiff said his committee is planning to hold a hearing on deep fake videos such as the one of stuttering alcoholic Nancy Pelosi that recently went viral.

Funny, I don’t recall Adam Schiff getting so worked up about the mainstream media doctoring a President Trump video, as he has with the Nancy Pelosi’s Stuttering Alcoholic Video?
But boy was Adam Schiff sure quick to announce a House Intelligence Committee investigation into what he now hysterically labeled “Russian “Deep Fake” videos.”
Without a smidgen of self-awareness, Adam Schiff warned:
“The public will be left to doubt, you will never completely shed the negative lingering impression you have.
The so-called deep fakes are videos that are so carefully edited that it is nearly impossible to figure out that they have been doctored.
I cannot imagine anything more corrosive to a democracy than an environment where no one can tell what is true anymore.
You simply retreat to your tribe and view everything as true or false depending on what party you belong to or what group you belong to.”
I’m shocked… SHOCKED I TELL YOU!
Instead, of Adam Schiff having a hearing about the mainstream media doctoring videos, and not only with Trump but on any subject that they try to make fit their agenda, he gets his panties all knotted up over some trucker slowing down Nancy Pelosi’s stuttering alcoholic video by 25%?
Where was Adam Schiff when in November 2017, when CNN, and other mainstream media outlets were spewing for hours their fake news story about “Trump Tries To Murder Japanese Koi Fish”?

Many of the MSM stories running sounded exactly like this…

President Trump, while on his 13-day Asia trip, in front of the Japanese Prime Minister no less, our uncouth President decided to dump a whole box of fish food into Japan’s beloved koi pond.
A graceless brute like Trump risks an international incident with his senseless killing of innocent aquatic life.
The man simply has no idea about foreign customs, and/or the destruction he is causing our environment. 

Here are a few examples of how this fishy news story was covered:

  • CNBC’s Christina Wilkie (in a now-deleted tweet): “Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe were scheduled to feed koi spoonfuls of food. Until Trump poured his entire box of fish food into the pond.”
  • The Guardian: “White House reporters, keen perhaps to pick up on a Trump gaffe, captured the moment when he upended his box on their smartphones and tweeted evidence of his questionable grasp of fish keeping. Some speculated that a poor palace employee would be dispatched to the scene to clean up the mess as soon as the two leaders disappeared inside.”
CNN pushed their self-created conflict this way.
‘President Trump deliberately dumped his entire box of fish food into the Koi pond, and possibly killing many of Japans prized fish after they immediately started to gorge themselves on the overabundance of food.
Experts have informed CNN that many, if not all these Koi fish may die from President Trump callous behavior.
With the President’s egregious behavior he could be creating an international incident that most likely will lead to a diplomatic crisis with one of our most important allies’
CNN took their lie even further when they included the video, that was attached to Veronica Rocha @VeronicaRochaLA tweet.
Veronica Rocha whose twitter account reads Breaking news reporter for @CNN and former @latimes reporter” she was covering the story for CNN when she posted this tweet which is still showing on her Twitter account.
President Trump feeds fish with PM Shinzo Abe in Japan, then pours the entire box of food into the koi pond, she manipulated the video by panning and zooming in on President Trump and thereby blatantly pushing a false narrative.

Despite CNN’s claim, It was all a lie

Here is what people would have seen if not for the egregious way CNN edited the video, that was also shared and used by other mainstream news outlets, as well as the social media mob.

Of course, CNN did not fire her, nor did they apologize for their egregious lie.

Adam Schiff Clown World Congressman “🤡🌎.”

I can’t wait to watch Adam Schiff’s waste of taxpayer money investigation into how the mainstream media continually edit’s and doctors videos and pictures that portray President Trump in the vilest ways.
While Schiff wants to investigate the edited video of Pelosi that has been circulating through social media, watch for Adam Schiff will knowingly lie and claim President Trump himself tweeted out the fake Pelosi video.
Of course, this is a lie President Trump posted the actual footage from the Stuttering Alcoholics Video

But facts matter little to #SchiffForBrains who’ll give himself an out by saying ‘According to media outlets like MSNBC President Trump pushed this fake Nancy Pelosi Video.’
But MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace lied when she accused the president of posting the fake video, when Donald Trump in fact only posted the authentic video of Pelosi stammering through a speech, which is becoming more common with each passing day.
What is hilarious is the fact that Wallace, who once said after the Parkland School Shooting We’re only talking about this [Parkland] because let’s be honest, 17 white kids were [killed] tried to proclaim how transparently honest she and MSNBC was.