Men in Black: Global Invasion Review

Men in Black: Global Invasion Review: How Does it Compare to Pokémon GO?

The Good

  • Makes good use of the license
  • Capture mechanics are more straightforward than Pokémon GO
  • Gacha RPG aspects are welcome

The Bad

  • Potential long-term pay to win concerns
  • It’s a bit barebones right now

Men in Black: Global Invasion, similar to the recent mobile game Ghostbusters, actually makes much sense as a Pokémon Go-like augmented reality. The distinction, though, is that Men in Black: Global Invasion is fairly darn nice between this and the Ghostbusters version.


This is where the first shift occurs. You have to beat them in battle instead of just chucking a Pokéball against your opponent. This occurs in the first individual and you see the alien shoot your weapon until it comes into the fight.

It’s not as easy as that, though. Your weapon has a targeting reticle that moves around the screen continuously. Your adversary has a weak place in the meantime. Simply tap to unleash the highest quantity of harm to it once the targeting reticle is over the weak place of the alien.

In a way, it is much simpler than the timing-based capture mechanics of Pokémon GO, but it is much more satisfying and much less obtuse. When you start Pokémon GO for the first time, you often wonder what the heck is going on while Men in Black presents you with a very simple but difficult situation.<center.

Global Invasion’s Capturing Mechanics Are a Lot More Satisfying Than Pokémon GO’s

If you defeat the alien, capturing it and catching many of the same aliens enables you to level them up, improving their capabilities. More strong aliens – with a greater star rating in general – are much more difficult to take down. It’s all Pokémon GO very much.

Every time you shoot your weapon, you lose your battery charge and can renew it by interacting with caches dotted around the map, buying batteries from the shop using actual money, or just waiting for the batteries to recharge over time.

While there are many ways to spend true cash on Black men, we have not yet felt the need. Since there is a whole gacha RPG element to it, however, we are mildly worried that paying to win can play a bit of a role.

So you’re gathering aliens to add to a squad you’re sending out in single-player turn-based fights. These game just like your average RPG gacha like the War of Summoner or the Strike Force of Marvel. Every alien has a specific function, including tanks, healers, and DPS, and building a balanced team is an important component of the challenge.

You can finish 10 campaign fights a day, earning a ton of benefits to do so. You also get the chance to enter a special daily mission, but we just haven’t experienced this yet because it doesn’t appear to be in the game. We are concerned about the long-term payment to win

We enjoy the inclusion of turn-based fights because the missing piece of the puzzle really feels a lot like it. Although Pokémon GO has raids and PvP, we often felt like we just collected the Pokémon for the sake of it. It really feels like you’re attempting to create a strong team in Men in Black, and discovering your members by wandering around the actual globe is much more engaging than just calling them up as in your average RPG gacha.

So overall, Men in Black: Global Invasion impresses us fairly much. It makes good use of the license, improves on a number of different Pokémon GO regions, and the elements of the gacha RPG feel like the missing piece of the puzzle.

At this stage, our only criticism is that it’s a bit barebones and might actually use a few more game modes to feel more fully fleshed out. We are also slightly worried about the prospective level of pay needed for the subsequent, more difficult fights of the campaign.

But if you like RPGs from Pokémon GO and gacha, this is an amazing mix of the two. We would suggest that you check it out at least carefully.