New PowerVu Key 2019


PowerVu is a conditional access system for digital television developed by Scientific Atlanta.[1] It is used for professional broadcasting, notably by Retevision, Bloomberg Television, Discovery Channel, AFRTS, ABS-CBN, GMA Network, and American Forces Network. It is also used by cable companies to prevent viewing by unauthorized viewers and non-cable subscribers.

PowerVu has decoders that decode signals from certain satellites for cable distribution services. These decoders can also be used just like the FTA (Free-To-Air) satellite receivers if properly configured.


TEN Pakistan Sony Ten 1HD
AsiaSat.7@ 105.5E
TP.4180 V 30000
MPEG.4/SD PowerVu
00. 1137 54C6 C0CE E1
01. 785E 6AFF 44D7 A9
IntelSat.20@ 68.5E
TP.3900 H 22222
MPEG.4/SD PowerVu
00. 5C32 D5EB 5BE4 EF
01. 2126 860A C822 05
Sony Espn HD Sony Six HD
IntelSat.17@ 66.0E
TP.3845 H 30000
MPEG.4/HD PowerVu
00. 986D E3D2 83A7 83
01. 25CE 7490 4577 A5
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IntelSat.17@ 66.E
TP.3845 H 30000
MPEG.4/HD PowerVu
00: BC AF 41 BB 6F DE 1F
01: C5 3F 30 32 DD 3B B3

Sony Network Frequency:

Below is the frequency of the channel. Just enter it into the receiver and point your dish towards the Asiasat 7 and boom! you will get the whole Sony Network signals perfectly.

Satellite Asiasat 7 105E
Channel Sony Wah
Sony Pix
Sony BBC Earth Sony Yay!
Ten Sports Pakistan Sony Le Plex
Sony SAB
Sony BBC Earth Sony Rox
Sony Ten 1 HD Sony Ten Golf HD
Language English/Hindi/Tamil/Telugu
Transponder 4180 V 3000
Frequency 4180
Polarity V
Symbol Rate 3000
FEC 3/4
Encryption PowerVu
Standard/format MPEG-4/HD

Note The frequency changes from time to time. For the latest frequency keep visiting this site

Sony Network PowerVu  key:

So here comes the most awaited part of the post, yes you have guessed right. Below We have written the working  Sony Network PowerVU Key 2019.
KEY 00 : B055A6F76792A900
KEY 01 : CAA9631BA6167900

Note: We get Powervu keys from open source, and it is for informational purpose only. We are not responsible for any negative use or trouble.

Important Update: There is a recent update by Sony Network on their channel’s encryption on 2nd July 2019. I will update you about any changes in the keys or software. So stay tuned and keep visiting the site.