Pre-Register For Warhammer Odyssey

Warhammer: Odyssey is a new 3D Mobile MMORPG game, developed and released by Virtual Realms, that will be available for android and iOS users alike. This free title is set in the IP Canon of the Old World; a moment where individuals go round the lands under the impact of Morrslieb the Chaos Moon. Of course, many players will join a marketing company and fight the precipitating darkness.

Warhammer: Odyssey will have a total of 3 races and six classes, allowing the players to enter the iconic sites of Marienburg, Drakwald Forest and The Wasteland with hundreds of quests.

The developers have also pledged many free episode updates to bring more enemies and bosses and more places.

Morrslieb the Chaos Moon grows large in the skies above the Old World, under its wicked visage doomsayers take to the city streets and those creatures who would bring the walls of a man crumbling down become ever bolder. However, all is not lost!

Those that would stand against the darkness and Chaos that threatens civilization have come together once more, honoring ancient pacts as they did in times long past. Now is the time for heroes now is the time to forge your Odyssey!