Death ReplayCurrently only Available To Some Models PUBG

PUBG Mobile Got New Update V0.17.0. PUBG Added New feature called “Death Replay“. The death replay feature can only be used in classic mode and Arcade mode. There may be some lag or overheating after it is activated. this feature is currently only available to some models. Stay tuned for more information.

Most Android User is facing this feature is not supported only iPhone users can utilize this option.

Death Replay is the latest feature for PUBG Mobile’s growing fanbase, as players of the game’s PC version have enjoyed this feature for quite some time already. The replay will show players their last few moments right before they got taken out by an opponent. PUBG did not share more details about the death replay option.

New PUBG Mobile Update is live Now.

How To Enable Death Replay in PUBG Mobile

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