PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 Update Full Details

PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 update rolls out on November 8. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update.

A large update will take place in PUBG Mobile. On November 8, the latest update to 0.15.5 will be launched. Unlike previous updates, PUBG Mobile said during this update it will not download its server offline. PUBG Mobile also revealed that Android users will require roughly 0.21 GB of storage space whereas iPhone users will need about 0.24 GB storage.

Update PUBG Mobile APK 0.15.5 will bring many new features to the popular royal battle game. PUBG Mobile already disclosed the expectations from the next update before its official release.

PUBG Mobile users are moving to Season 10 through the 0.15.5 update. The new season offers the’ Wasteland Wut’ with the backdrop of the Mad Max Fury movie. Elite Royale Pass is going to be 600UC while Elite Pass is going to be 1800UC. The new “The Ruins” map in Team Death Match mode was also confirmed by PUBG Mobile.

New machines such as a 9-mm MP5 K submachine pistol are included for the new update. A new parachute skin and M249 skin will also be available. A new collection of skins and arms can also be acquired by users. Season 10 will see the new clothing, including the Apocalypse Guardian Set, Desert Trooper Set, Snowflake Girl Set, and Irradiated Frog Set.

The new character called Sara is also rumored by PUBG Mobile. The character has phrases like, “You are just as important to Me as a car engine,” and, “I can do everything whether it separates or fits cars.” You can read more here about the new character of PUBG Mobile‘s new Sara.

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