Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Exited Unexpectedly Errors

The Red Dead Redemption 2 PC has unexpectedly come out with an update to the Rockstar Games Launcher that has affected many players since the title was released on Tuesday.

It is designed to support players with AMD processors in particular.

“We have recently released an update to address’ expectedly excited’ errors for some players using AMD processors in our ongoing efforts to address problems with the Rockstar Games Launcher,” Rockstar tweeted. “For updating, restart the launcher.”

Rockstar Games Launcher update Nov 8

  • Improvements to address issues causing the Rockstar Games
  • Launcher to exit unexpectedly for some players with AMD processors

Users have experienced numerous problems since the game began, which led to the release of three previous launch updates and an update on the title Red Dead Redemption 2 to ease these problems.

But the latest attempt seems to have had mixed results, as did previous efforts to solve issues.

Some users report that they can finally play the game, while others report that the update has stopped the title.

“I didn’t have any problems with the game until today, after this ‘Fix’ I’ve had the game close on me twice and several crashes with error codes,” one user tweeted. “I can see here that I am not the only one who’s faced these problems after this ‘fix’.”

And some users who are able to play the game claim it’s hamstrung by technical problems.

One wrote: “Can you please try to focus on the GAME now? Red Dead 2 on PC is in a bad state. Graphical errors everywhere, horrible optimization and stutters constantly! Please tell us AT LEAST that you’re working on it. Customer relations isn’t going great here.”

Another said: “This is a damn JOKE! It’s not even like if you can get the game to launch, you’re good… There are visual glitches, performance issues, and HORRIBLE audio bugs to deal with. This is just BAD on a scale I’ve never seen before!”

It’s unclear exactly how widespread the various issues with Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC areas aside from Twitter support updates, Rockstar has remained largely silent on the issue to date.

What is clear is that Rockstar still has plenty of work to do to get the product in a suitable state and many exasperated players back on side.

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